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“Hell Skull” print with Colorfabb XT

I saw this “HELL SKULL” 3D print from Thingiverse and immediately knew it would look awesome printed in Colorfabb XT Clear filament.


HELL SKULL by Sculptor featured on Thingiverse

Colorfabb XT

For those that haven’t seen it before, Colorfabb XT is an amazing Polyester blend that prints as easily as PLA, with really high strength and transparency.  I buy my Colorfabb stuff (all of their filaments are great) from PrintedSolid.com, their US importer.

Although you can pretty much just use your printers ABS print settings, it is ideal if you can set the printer specific for this filament.   After much playing around I have come up with these settings as giving very good transparency and finish quality with XT:

Slicer software settings

  • Layer height .25mm (large layers with Colorfabb XT for better transparency
  • Shell Thickness 1.2 (3x my .4mm nozzle)
  • Bottom/Top thickness : 1.25mm (5x Layer height)
    speed 30mm/s (slow speeds give better transparency with Colorfabb XT)
  • Fill density to 0% (ie no fill)

On the Ultimaker 2:

  • Colorfabb XT clear filament
  • Extruder temp 260ºC
  • Fans at 25% (off for the first few layers to get good bonding to the bed)
  • Bed at 70°C

 The results

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Hope you like it.  Let me know below if you make one, or if you have worked with Colorfabb XT.  I am always looking for feedback.