iOS 10, a boon for the color blind

iOS 10 public beta 1 was released a few days ago.  Within the release is a new section called “Display Accommodations.”  Within there is a section called “Color Filters”


Display accommodations screenshot


Color Filters Screenshot


to help users that are color blind. As someone who suffers from Deuteranopia, I was extremely interested to test drive this feature.


I decided to test drive by taking an online color blindness test, first with no filters activated, then again with the Green/Red Filter applied.


Enchroma Color Test


After taking my first test, results confirm what I already knew, that I am a Deutan.


Strong Deutan result screenshot

I repeated the test using the green/red color filter in iOS 10.  Results show normal color vision.  Did this fix my vision?  Obviously not, but it does make sure that I  am not missing information on the screen by shifting the colors to the spectrum I can see.


Normal Color vision result Screen shot

Thanks Apple.  Great add!

4 thoughts on “iOS 10, a boon for the color blind

  1. Jordan

    I do not see this option under Accessibility. This is in iOS 10 PB1 you say. Is this feature not available for iPhone 5c? I’ve heard the 10 beta is customised for devices lower than 6.

    1. jsquaredz Post author

      On my 6s+ its in Settings/General/Accessibility/Display Accommodations/Color Filters

      I don’t see why this wouldn’t be on all devices the OS supports. If you still don’t have it file feedback with Apple.

  2. helpwantednewmexico

    As more and more developers begin to utilize the new iMessage API’s in iOS 10 it will be interesting to see where this ecosystem goes and how iMessage will become a larger part of enterprise communication.

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