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iOS 10, a boon for the color blind

iOS 10 public beta 1 was released a few days ago.  Within the release is a new section called “Display Accommodations.”  Within there is a section called “Color Filters”


Display accommodations screenshot


Color Filters Screenshot


to help users that are color blind. As someone who suffers from Deuteranopia, I was extremely interested to test drive this feature.


I decided to test drive by taking an online color blindness test, first with no filters activated, then again with the Green/Red Filter applied.


Enchroma Color Test


After taking my first test, results confirm what I already knew, that I am a Deutan.


Strong Deutan result screenshot

I repeated the test using the green/red color filter in iOS 10.  Results show normal color vision.  Did this fix my vision?  Obviously not, but it does make sure that I  am not missing information on the screen by shifting the colors to the spectrum I can see.


Normal Color vision result Screen shot

Thanks Apple.  Great add!