Monthly Archives: October 2008

New blog module 3.05 coming for DotNetNuke

In July the DNN team posted that the blog module was "… close can you taste it?" The 3.04 version of the module was in the DNN release tracker and on a fast track to approval.  There were many bug fixes and new features making this a much anticipated release. 
As the module approached the later stages of the release process, a showstopper bug was filed. Someone on the team was unhappy with the way the new module was handling storage of posts, photos, attachments, etc. Apparently if you have mulitple bloggers the new module was forcing them to all share the same storage folder whereas the old module created a seperate space for each blogger- this is important if you are running a site like
In any case, others agreed and the module went back into development.  That issue was corrected and again the blog module was fast tracked back into the release process as version 3.05. As of this writing the module is being dogfooded on and has some really awesome features.  Many of us that are using the older version on our sites are chomping at the bit to get this upgrade. It is currently through the entire process and in the dogfood stage just waiting for any showstopper feedback making the release imminent. Very exciting. A couple of my favorite new features is gravatars, threaded comments, and windows live writer support.
Some more of the new features and bugfixes are as follows:

BLG-5914   BLOG – Summary Limit goes wrong with Images
BLG-7922   Blog comments shows users login ID
BLG-7839   Add "website" field in blog comments
BLG-7838   Add Gravatar Support for Blog Comments
BLG-7641   Entry Summary displays HTML codes in Print-Friendly view
BLG-7099   Blog Module: Removal of ‘Unique Title tag per blog entry’ functionality
BLG-6937   Blog module: Comments might not end up in correct order
BLG-7118   Blog Module: SEO – Ensure blog entry title appears in URL
BLG-5415   Add MetaWebLog support
BLG-7224   Unique Blog Titles field not working
BLG-7223   Show Blog Summary not working
BLG-6955   Blog module: View by month is not displaying proper entries.
BLG-6964   Blog Module: Incorrect author format being displayed on the "Print Blog" page.
BLG-7403   Undecoded entities appear in Comment Title
BLG-6934   Blog Module: dialogue box shows n’s
BLG-5426   Social Bookmarking
BLG-7242   Blog Entry TimeZone Issues for Regions with DST
BLG-5604   Blog module: Reduce from 2 to 1 the no. of URLs at which a single blog entry resides
BLG-7444   Day view does not work on calendar
BLG-6947   Blog content management value destruction
BLG-7577 Long title causes module to expand
BLG-2227 New Setting ShowUniqueTitle
BLG-7837 Copy Page Error With Modules Containing More Than One Sub-Module
BLG-5903 Blog Module: Change URL in RSS feed to Permalink

Very exciting indeed.

Windows Azure is here

Microsoft has launched a cloud platform called Windows Azure. Just imagine that you will be able to create own in your bedroom, and deploy it onto Windows Azure and instantly get global scale.  If you grow and need to triple the size of your app… no problem, just click in the simple control panel on the Azure app. 
Here is a cool video on making an Azure app.  Looks a lot like a standard .net web app. Hopefully there is an easy way to make your existing .net apps port over to the Azure platform. 
Interestingly enough Live Spaces does not support embedding silverlight videos, so here is a link to an awesome interview with Microsoft’s Manuvir Das.  He dives into the details about Azure without all of the market speak.

Famous Lloyd Dobler moment

I was thinking today of classic movie lines and one was sparked into my mind by someone I work with named Lloyd.  His name made me think of Lloyd Dobler, and the film “Say anything.” What follows is one of the classic lines in 80’s movies:

“I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.”
-Lloyd Dobler, Say Anything (1989)

If you never saw this movie, I suggest you rent it!

Rent "Say Anything" at Blockbuster Online!

Live mesh to go from Tech preview to Beta

This is a big step.  For those of us who have been part of the Live Mesh technology preview, the writing was  on the wall for the future of computing. Now the live mesh team will take the technology from a CTP (Community technology preview) to an official open beta. This means that there will be a huge increase in users when the beta goes live. 

The technology will be advertised and no doubt there will be new features and bug fixes launched with next week’s update. The timing of this seems to be aligned with the upcoming PDC so there will also likely be a developer story release next week for Mesh also. Think Strata or windows in the cloud. Lets see what comes next week. 

For now here is a video that MS made as a commercial for Live Mesh.  This is cool because it shows some of the possibilities the Live Mesh platform will enable across devices.