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Followup to the LT1303-5 DC to DC Boost Converter

Per  many recommendations by the forums users over at eevblog.com, I made a few modifications to the boost converter circuit.  I increased the size of the output filter cap, and reduced the length of the conductors.  I picked up 5% additional efficiency but still fall short of the 80+ percent in the data sheet.

LT1303 Efficiency dataRevised for 17mA out.


LT1303-5 two cell to 5V Boost converter supply

In this video I put together a small circuit to test out the LT1303-5.  I am not getting the efficiency numbers in the data sheet.  See the attachment below for the figures I recorded.  Granted I don’t know what Im doing, so if you spot the issue, please let me know… and be gentle.  Thx, JZJ



LT1303 Efficiency data

LT1303-5 boost regulator datasheet