News about an improved Windows Live SkyDrive

Information is light , but I got an email today telling me to “get ready for more…” features.  I did notice that they are now stating that SkyDrive will give you 25 GB of free online storage.  My guess is that they will combine the storage of multiple services to makeup that 25GB. Not sure if Live Mesh will be a part of that, but I wouldn’t doubt it.  It would be good if they increase the single file size above 50Megs.  200megs or 150megs would be good. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “News about an improved Windows Live SkyDrive

  1. Ahmed

    I definitely agree on increasing the upload file size. To fully benefit from the increased storage people would need to upload large files. Or else they would continue doing what they used to (uploading small files)…and possibly never reach or come close to that storage limit. Clever MS approach? Maybe for MS…but not for the users.

  2. Jon

    If you have 25 gb, you should be able to put any size foler within those limits. No other limits should exist. Most have just a fraction of the limits now, but a few have some high resolution pics that need to go on there. So up, up. and away with limits!


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