LT1303-5 two cell to 5V Boost converter supply

In this video I put together a small circuit to test out the LT1303-5.  I am not getting the efficiency numbers in the data sheet.  See the attachment below for the figures I recorded.  Granted I don’t know what Im doing, so if you spot the issue, please let me know… and be gentle.  Thx, JZJ



LT1303 Efficiency data

LT1303-5 boost regulator datasheet

2 thoughts on “LT1303-5 two cell to 5V Boost converter supply

  1. jsquaredz Post author

    I got some good feedback from the eevblog. Apparently there are many issues with the setup I have here.
    One is there isn’t a ground plane. Need a much better grounding setup. Also some commented on the caps I am using as not being low enough ESR. Finally my Diode selection seems to be fair to midland. Will try to address some of these and see what the results are. Thanks to all those that responded.

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