Live mesh to go from Tech preview to Beta

This is a big step.  For those of us who have been part of the Live Mesh technology preview, the writing was  on the wall for the future of computing. Now the live mesh team will take the technology from a CTP (Community technology preview) to an official open beta. This means that there will be a huge increase in users when the beta goes live. 

The technology will be advertised and no doubt there will be new features and bug fixes launched with next week’s update. The timing of this seems to be aligned with the upcoming PDC so there will also likely be a developer story release next week for Mesh also. Think Strata or windows in the cloud. Lets see what comes next week. 

For now here is a video that MS made as a commercial for Live Mesh.  This is cool because it shows some of the possibilities the Live Mesh platform will enable across devices.

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