Kindle Book release delays

I used like the kindle, but now I am not so sure.  It was great to have an eBook with an always on connection that allows you to surf for books, and then buy.  Its I guess a lot of other people liked it for that too.  Apparently the Kindle book sales are eating into real book sales on Amazon.  Amazon’s strategy to combat this?  Delay the release on new books by a month or so to give real books a chance to sell, then the Kindle version would come out. The idea that Amazon is now delaying book releases to Kindle to improve the book sales is an example of Amazon knifing the baby.  The advantage of Kindle is gone to some degree the ability to get a book instantly. 
imageSo one day I see Sara Palin on the news getting torn for her book. I get intrigued and decide I must read it. I grab my laptop, go to Amazon to buy it. Can I instantly download the book via my Digital book reader?   Nope… delayed for a month. So I ordered the hardcover and waited the few days to have the book come.  I could hardly care less to read that book now, but I would have read it the day I went on my Kindle looking for it.
I also wanted to read Steven King’s "Under the Dome" last week, but its delayed until Christmas eve on Kindle.  What did I do?  Bought the book. Good in one way, because that’s what Amazon wanted me to do, but now my Kindle will collect dust while I real the 1000 page hardcover…  I think this development really devalues the Kindle and I for one am looking to sell it. 
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