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I am a nerd with interest in Computers, Electronics, and many other random things.  The first computer I used was an Apple II+ in the early 80s in elementary  school.  My dad quickly bought me a Commodore 64 to allow me to develop my interest.  I eventually upgraded to an Amiga 1000, then later a 286 “Portable III.”

Compaq Portable III circa ~1987

I programmed in Basic in the 80’s, Java in the 90’s, C# and VB.NET programming in 2005 timeframe.

Lately, I have programmed some C on Arduino, and python on the Raspberry Pi.   I have meant to do a quick intro to Python to get my skills up for Py programming, uh… I mean Pi. So in other words, I have a more than basic understanding of programming, although I have never done anything too professional, nor too serious.

On the Electronics front, I did a lot of electronics work in the Early 90s in High School.  That hobby went out to pasture for about 20 years.  I just recently resurrected my passion for it when my 4-year-old started asking me a lot of questions . I started modding his toys, building projects and, ultimately got an Ultimaker 2.

I am psyched to have had a resurgence in “making” having the internet with unlimited info just make things a breeze to figure out.

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